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 Adult Mosquito Treatment Planned for March 31st

The District will perform adult mosquito spray treatments on March 31st.,

2022 to lower the mosquito population affecting recreational and residential

areas within the City of Corona. The spray application will be conducted

between the hours of 3:00 am to 6:00 am at the following locations: Corona

Airport, Butterfield Park, open space area along railroad tracks near Auto

Center Dr., and vegetated areas on the south side of the Prado Basin. Please

see attached images for the exact spray route. 

The District will be treating these areas with Aqua-Reslin (EPA Reg.

432-796), which is approved for use in mosquito control by the US EPA.  We

have been working hard to use Integrated Pest Management Practices in these

areas and the majority of our efforts focus on preventing mosquito breeding

and killing mosquito larvae before they become flying adults; However, due

to elevate adult mosquito abundance, we have decided that adult mosquito

control via truck mounted ground fogger is our best means to control the

current mosquito populations in these areas. Signs were posted on March

29th., 2022 in the areas affected by our spray application.  Information

regarding the treatment will be posted on our website at If there are any questions or concerns, please

contact the District at 951-340-9792.

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