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Board of Trustee's

Our district is governed by a 8-member board of trustee's who are selected by the cities they serve.


May contain: accessory, accessories, tie, person, human, and face
Jordan Ehrenkranz, Board President, City of Canyon Lake
May contain: human, person, accessories, tie, accessory, and face
Dr. Gary Bradley, Vice President, City of Riverside
May contain: human, person, tie, accessories, accessory, and face
George Read, Secretary, County of Riverside
May contain: person, human, pendant, and female
Karen Alexander, City of Corona
May contain: face, human, person, tie, accessory, and accessories
Brian Tisdale, City of Lake Elsinore
May contain: accessory, accessories, tie, human, person, clothing, apparel, coat, jacket, and blazer
Clint Lorimore, City of Eastvale
May contain: flag, symbol, human, person, and face
Ted Hoffman, City of Norco
May contain: face, person, human, female, and smile
Leslie Altamirano, City of Jurupa Valley